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Stop wasting time and money manually checking files for print. It takes a lot of man-hour, to get files, check it, find bugs, communicate to client, get fixed files, check again. You and yours customers don't need it. We have got XXI centaury, let machines work for us. Happiness guaranteed!

Our service will check files: dismensions, fonts, colours, DPI and many, many others things. And return results to your client in human readable form

Have you ever had the impression that the client doesn't really understand what he is doing? Sometimes it is like that. Therefore, we can make some adjustments for him. Of course, fully automatic

Unlike the rest of humanity, we realize that depending on the printing method, the file must have a matching ICC profile. Therefore, we have an automatic conversion to the desired profile in the package


Preflight process
by our service

When we created our first solutions, we worked with a professional client. This solution worked physically on a PC in the printing house's office, it was packed with options and "spit out" a whole list of errors and warnings, based on which the DTP graphic designer made corrections. Does it remind you of something? :) Back then, people were rich and could spend half a day puzzling over an incorrect project.

When we created the first web solutions, everyone was knocked on the head because the client has Acrobat, and he will check the files for himself. In hindsight, we can only say: "Well, congratulations on your optimism"
The modern customer does not want to rummage around the file for half a day and look for where in a million curves the one with a non-CMYK color is. There is also no desire (and probably knowledge) to convert this file to the appropriate ICC. Actually, it has no idea what a printing machine looks like.

How it works

How our service differs from others available on the market

We provide an online solution. You no longer have to build a server and bear the costs of its maintenance. You don't need an administrator, you don't need to renew your license every year, you don't need to buy Windows Server. You do not control the power supply, temperature and you do not constantly monitor whether something has fallen. We do it for you, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions

Our service is built according to the principle of "what you see is what you get" - the client receives a package of information about the sent project, along with a graphic interpretation, so that he can organoleptically determine whether nothing has fallen in the project. Graphical representation of a processed file can sometimes be shocking, especially when converting from RGB to CMYK, or in the case of "disappearing text" in the absence of a font. Our experience shows that it works 100% better than the dry message "converted to CMYK". After checking and presenting the results (graphic and text), the customer has to decide for himself whether to print or not. In fact, it solves one more problem - with complaints.

The checking process is divided into two stages
  • Analysis
  • in this step we check the properties of the sent file, dimensions, fonts, images, color space, bleeds, boxes and many more

  • Refine
  • here we correct the file, convert colors, add ICC profiles and save in the selected format (eg PDF \ X) The received file can be sent directly for printing, without any additional intervention

How it costs


We believe that cost control is the most important in business. Therefore, with us you do not pay for the disposal of the processor or other fancy parameters. The fee is fixed, monthly, depending on your needs. Even if you exceed the number of calls, we'll manage it somehow, for no extra charge. However, if you need extra functionality, write to us - we will evaluate it and we will surely come to an agreement. We also care about your business

Pricing Plans

These are basic plans, but we know that there are different needs. We are flexible, so feel free to write to us - we will negotiate and come to an agreement


€ 199.00/month

  • Max requests/day: 5000
  • Monthly plan

€ 699/month

  • Max requests/day: 10000
  • Monthly plan

€ 1699/month

  • Max requests/day: unlimited
  • Monthly plan
A Little More About Us

Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Service

For an efficient programmer, it is about an hour. It all depends on the degree of integration. You can build our service into your system, but you can also use our demo for quick integration

Our service has no time limit. As soon as we do not receive the payment, your system logins will be deactivated

If the situation occurs sporadically, we are happy with you for the high traffic in your printing house. If it is cyclical, we will contact you to present a new offer

Under certain conditions, yes - we must have access to your code and it is additionally payable. For details, please write to needhelp@PrintChecker.eu



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